5 Alternative Proteins For Vegetarians

5-the-alternative-protein-for-vegetariansA healthy and balanced vegetarian diet can be a very effective solution to various health issues people face day-to-day. From lowering high cholesterol to losing weight, vegetarian food is a great option for treating all health problems. A lot of people are taking a turn towards vegetarianism to change their lifestyle completely. This situation poses a need of learning about certain protein-containing foods which can be eaten without choosing anything from the meat section.

Here, I’ve rounded up five proteins containing foods which can be proven animal-free alternatives for vegetarians. Indulge in these foods each day or weekly.

1) Chickpeas

Protein content: 7.3 grams in 1/2 cup

Also known as the garbanzo beans, they are laced with manganese and molybdenum. According to research, chickpeas provide you with 7.3 grams of protein in just half a cup. They are also a rich source of fiber, protein, iron, zinc and phosphorus which promote a healthy life. Make hummus, falafel and different curries with these beans and get enough protein you need.

2) Quinoa

Protein content: 8g per 1 cup (cooked)

It is one of the

Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors

healthy-eating-tips-for-seniors-at-home-1024x682As people age, their nutritional needs change. Some may not be able to consume the same foods, or foods in the same quantities, as they could when they were younger and perhaps healthier. Too much sodium, sugar or fats can wreak havoc on the human body when people age.

Fiber for Heart Health

A diet high in fiber, including fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, can help reduce cholesterol and keep the digestive system regular. The only caution with fruits and vegetables is that if the stomach is sensitive to certain fruit acids, such as those found in tomatoes or citrus fruits, this may cause some discomfort, but overall vegetables and fruits should be consumed as much and as often as possible. Fruits and vegetables contain high plant fiber which helps cleanse the bowels and helps maintain a healthy blood glucose level, keeping early onset diabetes at bay.

High-Quality Protein

When most people think of protein, they may immediately think of a thick, juicy steak. For those so inclined, they may still enjoy steak as they

Benefits Of Using Therapeutic Pillows Today

sleepingpillowTherapeutic pillows are pillows that are designed to give some sort of therapeutic benefit, often in the form of support. They come in various sizes, styles, and shapes, with designs catering to everybody. Most medical suppliers carry these kinds of pillows but they can also be obtained from health professionals like massage therapists, orthopedic doctors, and chiropractors.

The design of therapeutic pillows is often intended to give support for a body part. There are some cases wherein it can prevent injury by promoting correct posture and reducing strain. There are also instances where it may be intended to support an injured body part so it can heal faster. Most are firm and are made from foam so that the shape won’t be deformed. Soft pillows are not used for therapeutic purposes since they fail to give support. In fact, they may even cause a relapse into bad posture.

Environments Where Therapeutic Pillows Are Suitable

Bedroom – People make use of therapeutic pillows in order to maintain good sleep positions. Oftentimes, they use it to support the head and neck

Neck Pain After an Auto Accident

I was in a car accident several weeks ago, and my body just hasn’t felt the same ever since. At the time of the accident, I felt like everything was okay. I was able to get out of the vehicle and walk around, and I didn’t have any neck or back pain. Fast forward to today, and it’s very difficult for me to turn my head, and I feel like I don’t have a full range of motion in my upper body. I thought it would be a good idea for me to seek out Cary chiropractors who may be able to assist with treatment. I found one practice online that had a lot of great information about patients who have been in an accident.

In addition to the general pain I’ve been experiencing, I’ve also been experiencing headaches. I didn’t really attribute this to the accident, but it turns out that there is a very real possibility that the crash I was involved in has caused many underlying issues that I was not aware of. Continue reading “Neck Pain After an Auto Accident”

The Weather and My Aching Back

It is the cold weather that gets all of my aches and pains wound up. I can go from feeling limber and ready to go in the summer months to feeling sore as anything in my back with one cool day. As winter gets here, it is a constant struggle with my chronic back pain. I go to an Oklahoma City chiropractor for regular adjustments to help me with the worst of my back pain. I can go without a visit for July and August almost every year, but when the September cool nights start, I get to hurting again.

I admit that I don’t do all of the recommended exercises until it starts getting cold again. My pot belly does not help matters much either. Continue reading “The Weather and My Aching Back”

We Went out in the Canyons

Janet and I went hiking this weekend, with this other couple she knows. Of course we had to get up really early because the place we were starting out from has really limited parking. If you do not get there early enough to get a space, then that is just tough luck. Everything went great until the very end and then the skies opened up and it really poured down on us. We were on a steep slope and I lost my footing and took a nice tumble about thirty feet down the slope. A chiropractor in Tracy AZ had to work on me a few days later, but at the time I really did not think that it was a big deal. Continue reading “We Went out in the Canyons”

I Met a Real Life Cowgirl

Of course this is Texas and they have a lot of cattle down here, some horses and some real life cowgirls. Since I was down here I decided to try things out and I ended up having to see a chiropractor in Round Rock TX. In fact it started at a bar on Lamar here in Austin TX, where I have been working for the University of Texas as a consultant. They have an incredible music scene down here and I was out seeing this band that I had heard about, that was where I met the cowgirl. Obviously when I met her she was just a very good looking girl in a cowboy hat and tight fitting jeans. Continue reading “I Met a Real Life Cowgirl”

I Am Proof That Fat Cells Can Be Frozen

I used to have a flat stomach, but then I had to have a couple of major surgeries. One of those was a hysterectomy, and I figured that after my recuperation, I would be able to hit the gym and get back in shape. See, I had gained about 15 pounds from being ill, and I was so ready to get it off of me. However, even when I did lose it, I had loose skin that I was not happy with. A friend told me about cool sculpting in Austin, something I had never heard of but was interested in learning more about.

When I went to the website of the dermatologist who offers it, I was able to get a great deal of information on it. I also did some independent research on it because I wanted to make sure that this was something I was 100 percent on board with. Continue reading “I Am Proof That Fat Cells Can Be Frozen”

How To Select The Right Hospital For Your Treatment

In an emergency, your life depends on getting to the nearest hospital. But when you have an option to plan ahead, selecting the right hospital for your treatment makes all the difference. It not only gives you the confidence that you are in good hands, but also makes your stay at the hospital worth it. The best hospitals have the best of everything. They have the right doctors on board, the best support staff, the best in class medical equipment and infrastructure. If you are selecting a hospital for your treatment, here are a few tips on how to select the best hospital:

Check out hospital ratings

Ratings are a good place to start your research. Well, even if there aren’t too many hospitals in your area to compare, ratings give you a fair idea about the services you can expect to receive. Hospitals are generally rated using the following factors:

· Patient experiences – patient experiences with the doctor, the support staff and other hospital members does matter. Patient’s opinion about the cleanliness of the hospital and its maintenance also affects hospital ratings.

· Patient outcomes – patient outcomes are an important factor

Top 5 Reasons a Walk-In Clinic Beats an Emergency Room Visit

Walk-in clinics provide important medical care for those in need. They are increasingly popular-and for good reason. They provide a host of benefits in one central location. Below is a list of five reasons why this type of facility beats out an emergency room alternative.

The Cost Is Much Less

Although you’ll get the same great service at a walk-in clinic as you would in an emergency room, you’ll pay much less. This is excellent for individuals who can’t afford health insurance, as well as for families with plans that contain high deductibles. There are several reasons why these facilities cost less than hospital emergency rooms; for example, since hospitals are so much larger it is more expensive to maintain them. That drives the cost of service up for anyone who needs to be seen or admitted due to an illness or injury.

The Wait Times Are Shorter

At many hospitals, the staff often take several hours to see, diagnose, and treat their patients. This often eats up a big chunk of a patient’s day. A walk-in clinic works much the same way as a doctor’s office does: patients are examined by a physician

The Advantages Of Imagery For Kids

Guided imagery is a mind-body intervention by which a trained practitioner or teacher helps a participant or patient to evoke and generate mental images that simulate or re-create the sensory perception. With this, adults can improve their lifestyle. Luckily, guided imagery can also provide numerous advantages for kids. To know more, below are some of the advantages your kids can obtain by opting for guided imagery.

Help kids improve their reaction to stress

One of the main advantages of imagery for kids they can improve their reaction to stress. Most parents think kids do not worry about problems. However, there are cases when children experience stress at home or at school. Because of this, kids most likely feel anxious. By letting kids try out guided imagery, they can become aware of his physical self as well as his reactions to stress in school and in other settings. As a result, they can improve their reaction to stress easily.

Allow kids to concentrate properly

The next advantage of imagery for kids is they can concentrate properly. Aside from studies, children also need concentration in order to accomplish simple chores efficiently. By opting for guided imagery,

6 Natural Ways That Can Help Boost Your Immune System

The immune system is the body defense system that defends against infectious microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It responds by attacking the organisms that tend to invade the body and cause diseases. However, at times, due to various reasons, the system gets overpowered, and the microorganisms will invade the body and make it sick. They also destroy the white blood cells in the body, hence making the body susceptible to various other diseases if one is not treated. The immune system needs to be strong at all times so that it can have a better response. One can use drugs or even have natural ways, such as taking the best organic supplements to help boost the immunity.

Some of the natural ways that one can boost their immunity include:

1. Living a healthy lifestyle

This is important as it helps the body to function well and also boosts the immune system. Living healthy means that the healthy components are very beneficial to the body at all times. Some healthy lifestyle ways are exercising regularly, eating healthy, balanced meals full vegetables, fruits sand whole grain, not smoking, get regular medical checkups, etc.


How Telemedicine Can Help Doctors Reduce Costs

Thanks to the wide adoption of telemedicine solutions by many healthcare organizations around the US, it has become quite popular for those seeking convenient healthcare without having to visit the doctor in person.

Out of the many advantages of Telemedicine, savings on healthcare bills has greatly contributed to the increasing number of telemedicine users.

But patients aren’t the only ones who can save money with Telemedicine solutions; doctors can benefit too as healthcare practices become more cost-effective for them.

Here are five ways how telemedicine can help doctors save money:

· Remote Interaction Instead of Visiting:

If a patient needs immediate care but the doctor’s day is jam-packed, it can be difficult for him/her to respond immediately.

If the doctor is registered with a telemedicine service, patients can opt for check-ups online instead of visiting them. It can take about 3-5 minutes, enabling the doctor to respond even if his/her schedule is full.

· Time Optimization:

Telemedicine can hugely benefit both doctors and patients as it makes the doctor-patient communication much more convenient, irrespective of the conditions. Telemedicine solutions connect patients with doctors as soon as possible. Plus, for missed/rescheduled

Memory Loss: When Is It Time to Worry?

Losing your mind is the new norm in America, especially with thousands of people as young as 30 years old developing symptoms of dementia. It’s a problem that is growing and needs to be addressed. It’s normal for people to be somewhat forgetful at times, but if it’s a recurring problem, then it may be time to visit a doctor of integrative medicine.

Surveys show Americans are more worried about losing their mental capacity than they are about losing their physical capabilities. About 60 percent of American adults say they’re very or somewhat worried about losing their memory.

It’s normal for your memory to decrease as you grow older, since your brain’s ability to process information starts to decline. But how can you tell it’s time to set an appointment with a naturopathic doctor?

You Have Problems Performing Daily Tasks

If your forgetfulness is getting in the way of you getting things done each day, then it may be time to worry. For instance, if you’re forgetting to pay the light bill, take showers or make doctor appointments, then this could be signs of dementia.

You Ask the Same Questions Repeatedly


Different Types Of Compression Stockings

There are many reasons for your doctor to prescribe you with compression stockings. This means that buying such is not as simple as going to any drugstore and telling the pharmacist that you want to get one. Health experts say that there is more to it than you would assume. After all, there are many different types of compression stockings in the market today. So it would be very crucial for you to ask for the specific type you must get or perhaps discover how they are different from one another so you will know which one of them suits your condition best.

Basically, there are 4 types of compression stockings. They differ on their compression levels. Oftentimes, they are measured in millimeters of mercury. The higher is the number, the higher is the level of compression it provides. So if you are advised by your health professional to wear such, you must know what exactly the best bet for your current health condition is.

What Type Of Compression Stockings Should You Wear?

Mild – This will help provide relief to achy and tired legs. It has 8-15 mmHg compression level. If you often spend

Five Things You Should Look For In A Medical Services Provider

With the spread of internet advice columns and alternative medicines found outside the medical profession, it’s hard to choose the correct medical services to ensure your mind and body are in their best condition. Finding the best option is a balance between focusing on personalized service and also a team that correctly implements new technologies and treatments.

Experienced Doctors

Recommendations and certifications are both important things to consider when looking at the staff of medical services. While accomplishments don’t mean everything, experience and training is a good indicator of commitment to treating people, especially when searching for a specialist in a field. Personal vouching from friends or family can also be helpful if you have these resources. Your medical team should build a rapport with you and remember your previous visits and medications. Many medical service centers will work with you to mail supplies or have call reminders to keep you on schedule.

Teamwork And Comfort Level

Whether it’s your nurse, doctor, or surgeon, you should feel comfortable telling them anything with the knowledge that your information is secure and private. Whether it’s about depression, family genetics, or body issues you are embarrassed by,

How Adults Can Cope With the Fear of Doctors

Contrary to what some may believe, children aren’t the only people who deal with the fear of doctors. According to a WebMD article titled, Beyond White Coat Syndrome, nearly 20 percent of the population experiences this issue. With that being said, Nathan Consedine, PhD, an associate professor Department of Psychological Medicine at The University of Auckland, assures that this feeling isn’t out of the norm. He states that this fear is not directly related to the medical professionals themselves. However, people associate hospitals, doctor’s offices, and clinics with sickness, disease, and injury, thus creating natural feelings of uneasiness. Luckily, people don’t have to avoid doctors altogether as a way to cope with their concerns. Instead, there are several helpful steps that can be taken.

Focus on the Positive

Choosing to focus on the positive side is a great way to circumvent this anxiety. One of the main duties of medical professionals is preventative care. When a person makes a trip to a physician on a regular basis, he or she is helping to ensure their health now and in the future. For instance, physicians can spot issues before they develop. Tumors, in particular, can grow and

Benefits of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Puts patients in control
Medication often works by helping to suppress underlying emotions and thoughts, resulting in the problem never completely being resolved. Cognitive behavioural therapy, on the other hand, works by helping the patient identify their negative thoughts and emotions while a therapist helps them to better understand how these thoughts and emotions are controlling their actions. Then, the patient is better able to gain control over those thoughts, and the actions that are a result of them.

Not medication
Cognitive behavioural therapy is done completely by talking and acting. While it may be used in combination with medication, it can also be quite effective on its own. In addition to not requiring that a patient take medication, this treatment can help reduce the need for medication in many patients over time, provided they see a therapist on a regular basis.

Effective treatment
Many patients are unsure of whether or not cognitive behavioural therapy will work, particularly in Western cultures that tend to put more emphasis on taking prescription medications. Studies have proven that it can be effective at reducing the symptoms of multiple disorders, including, but not limited to: anger management issues, depression, anxiety,

4 Ways To Test Your Body Fat

Body fat is the amount of fat in your body when you compare it to bones, muscles, water, tendons, organs and other body components. To remain healthy and minimize the chances for cardiovascular and other diseases, you should lower your body fat levels to at least the acceptable percentages of 25-31% in women and 18-25% in men. To know when you are healthy it’s recommended that you measure the levels. To help you out, here are some of the ways of doing it:

Fat calipers

These units work by requiring you to pinch your fat with your fingers and then measuring the thickness of the pinched area using the fat caliper. Some calipers require you to measure the thickness in one area while others will require you to measure it in different areas. The readings are given in millimeters and you are supposed to compare your readings to a chart (that has your age and gender) in order to find your body fat percentage.

The good side of using the calipers is that they are cheap; therefore, you can buy them and put them in your house. Compared to their cost, they are accurate.

Tips For Preventing The Growth And Spread Of The Legionella Bacteria In Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are common systems seen in industrial areas. They are staple features used by or in chemical or petrochemical plants, oil refineries, and thermal power stations. They can also be part of a building’s HVAC system to help cool the facility. This system is essential to cool down water that has been heated due to air-conditioning condensing or an industrial process. A tower does this by using water and an evaporation process to pull the heat away and release it outside, hence creating a comfortable, cooler indoor environment.

Although cooling towers help make a facility’s indoor environment cooler, these systems can become home to various harmful types of bacteria, including Legionella. This is because a cooling tower’s process of cooling water leads to the collection of dust and debris that settle in the basin of the cooling tower. If the tower is not cleaned and maintained properly and regularly, bacteria, particularly Legionella, will flourish in the residue found in the basin since it is the ideal environment for them.

There are some key tips you can follow to effectively control Legionella bacterial growth in cooling towers and consequently prevent disease outbreaks. These include the following: